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Jessica Toussaint, Founder

Organizational Strategist


Throughout her career, Jessica Toussaint, MBA has supported countless churches, leaders,  and non-profit organizations to obtain visionary success and growth within their mission.  Jessica has grown an impressive inventory of accomplishments that have shaped her into the  heavily endorsed coach she is today. To date, Jessica holds a BA in Special Education (2008)  and a Master's in Business  Administration with a focus in Management in Leadership (2011),  both from Dowling College. She also earned her Life and Success Coach certification in 2017.


Jessica also holds certification in Organizational and Community Leadership and obtained her  Advance Leadership Intensive certification from LEAD NYC in 2020. Jessica also founded Bridge to Promise, Inc., a nonprofit with a core mission to equip and guide marginalized youth  to reach personal and professional success.


Jessica prides herself on being a continuous advocate for women to gain power positions, and diligently motivates women to step outside of  their comfort zone to become superior  influencers and leaders.

With these foundations  in place, Jessica has become an unassailable coach whose  underpinning is to help aspiring leaders develop a progressive mindset, remove the mediocrity  tendencies, and build the fundamental courage to create disruptive change -  all of which allows  them to excel in every sector of their lives. They in turn become proactive pioneers in their  businesses and communities and create real positive impactful change along the way. Jessica’s  powerhouse efforts have not  gone unnoticed by the  local press and community. She’s been  featured across these prominent publications: Queen Size Magazine, The Westbury Times, and  LI  Herald  Elmont.  Jessica has also been a key contributor for various organizations within the  community,  including The New York Call,  State of Black Long Island Equity Council of the  Urban  League  of  Long  Island,  The Excelling Church, and  Perfecting Faith  Church.


As a professional driven by  passion and faith,  Jessica is happiest when helping others surface their innate leadership  capabilities, capitalize on their strengths, and become the best versions of themselves that they  can be. From professional development retreats, empowerment courses, strategic workshops  and team-building events, Jessica has a genuine ardency for her career and demonstrates that  by leveraging her dynamic experiences to enable others to exceed their own expectations.

We are much more capable than we think we are. We each have the ability to become that bold, wholesome and approachable leader we’ve always dreamed of. All it takes to tap that internal power is having the right high-performing coach on your side to help make it happen.


(516) 508-3299

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