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Make Your Impact.


About Us

For the past 10 years Dream Encore has been committed to assisting individuals and organizations in becoming thought-leaders, creating impact and establishing a legacy for future generations.


Our goal is to provide a platform in which leaders can build sustainability while refining their leadership and organizational skills. 

We believe that every person has the ability to lead within their sphere of influence. Dream Encore collaborates with each client to develop a tailored, solution-oriented blueprint to address both personal and organizational leadership objectives.


When provided with strategically applied tools and resources the potential for growth increases exponentially. This is why Dream Encore is your hub for all things leadership development. 

Jessica Toussaint, an Organizational and Community Leadership expert, recognizes the need for a professional resource center geared towards developing focused leaders and building connected teams to better equip them to overcome challenges. Research indicates in times of signficant change people can experience lack of direction, loss of motivation, and insecurity.


Jess has recognized that in order for individuals, teams, and workforces to be fortified - they must lead with intention and compassion. It was this foundation upon which she established DREAM Encore Enterprises LLC,  as a way to provide strategic tools to empower and transform the emotional, mental, relational, and spiritual aspects of any leader and organization.

Our Core Values


The wellbeing and betterment of people are at our core. Our community members know that they can rely on us to put their needs above profit and to advocate for their wellbeing in all circumstances. We understand that people from all walks of life may select us as their development partners. We remain committed to a non-partisan, apolitical and free from judgment approach, as we welcome anyone with the intention of developing themselves or their organization to the Dream Encore family.


We are passionate about creating a culture of respect and collaboration, where everyone is valued and respected for their contributions. We’re dedicated to providing exceptional service that is of a world-class standard. We continually strive to improve and evolve with the times so that we can offer the most professional support and guidance to the people who entrust us with their development.


We also recognize the importance that service holds in building flourishing communities that are infused with a sense of purpose and driven to make an impactful change. We, therefore, champion the message that service-oriented individuals and organizations are the backbone of thriving communities and we strive to fortify said entities to lead with conviction. 


We uphold a standard of excellence throughout all of our coaching and development offerings. We believe in providing an experience of the highest quality within our programs, workshops, trainings and within our seamlessly integrated platforms and online communities. Our collection of products and services feature industry best practices and we aim to provide incomparable value throughout  all  facets  of  our  brands.

Authenticity and Vulnerability

To make a genuine impact on those with whom we work, we recognize the need for open and authentic communication. We’re dedicated to maintaining complete transparency across all of our endeavors and strive to build honest relationships with members of our community. We work to create spaces in which vulnerability is celebrated and seen as a tool for growth, strength and ensuring that our intentions and actions remain genuine at all times.

Making a Difference

We love what we do. We pride ourselves on our own continual skill development and staying informed on the latest innovations and theories within the leadership development field. We are committed to consistently offering proven methods and strategies for development that do not endanger our members. We also work to create safe spaces in which members and participants can be open and honest without fear of judgment or retaliation. 

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