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At Dream Encore Enterprises, we extend a warm embrace to your mission. Our commitment is to walk alongside you, offering unwavering support to ensure your noble mission thrives. Together, let's transform passion into impact. Welcome to a journey where your mission becomes our shared purpose.

Begin Your Journey with Us

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Hey there! I´m Jess, a visionary and community builder. My heart beats for driving impactful change

With a commitment to innovative strategies and personalized solutions, I am here to guide you towards a future where you strengthen your impact. Together, let's shape a path that not only meets your goals but exceeds them, creating lasting positive change.

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I went on a long 
journey to get here...

In my undergraduate years, I focused on education, aspiring to be a high school teacher. However, my path ultimately led me to the nonprofit sector. Regardless of the specific roles I undertook, I consistently found myself immersed in the realm of development and fundraising—handling events, developing strategies, managing databases, crafting communications, and more.

Today, over a decade later, my journey equips me with a profound understanding of the intricate dance that is fundraising. It was in this amalgamation of experiences that my true passion emerged: guiding nonprofits toward impactful and sustainable fundraising strategies.

Jessica Toussaint


Are you tired of pouring hours into fundraising efforts without sufficient return on investment?

Fundraising can be a challenging and time-consuming task, but it doesn't have to be. With right strategies and tools, you can maximize your efforts and achieve better results. 

Where you are at...

Burned out and exhausted from the grind of fundraising.

Not seeing tangible results despite your hard work.

Wishing Dream Encore would step in to handle the heavy lifting of the back end.

Where you want to be...

Having more time to focus on your impactful mission.


Empowered with tools and resources that effortlessly fulfill your noble mission.

Confident in your ability to make a difference, with Dream Encore seamlessly handling fundraising intricacies.

Dream Encore was built to give you more time for your mission by handling the heavy lifting of fundraising operations.

Our mission is to transform your fundraising experience, making it more efficient, effective, and impactful.

We aim to provide innovative solutions, essential resources, and personalized strategies to amplify your impact.

Dream Encore enables you to focus on what you do best by taking care of fundraising intricacies.

Our commitment is to empower nonprofits at every stage of their fundraising journey with comprehensive support services.

Elevate your fundraising effectiveness with tools and resources that fulfill your noble mission effortlessly.


Some of the ways we can work together...


Strategic Development and Operations Partner

Gain access to a seasoned professional dedicated to streamlining your development operations, ensuring efficiency, and maximizing fundraising potential. Access ongoing support and strategic insights for sustained growth.


Team Training Advantage

Enhance your team's capabilities with personalized training sessions. Our experts will guide and train a designated member of your team in development operations or event management. Foster in-house expertise to sustain and build upon the improvements made during our fractional position engagement.


Template Treasury

Access professionally crafted templates for proposals, donor communications, and more. Save time with a consistent and compelling message. Receive expert guidance and impactful letter templates, fostering lasting connections with donors, sponsors, and supporters.


Event Excellence Curator

Elevate your events with a dedicated expert who oversees every detail, from planning to execution, creating memorable experiences that resonate with donors.


Fractional Position

Tailored expertise for targeted impact. Choose from positions like Donor Relations and Engagement Specialist, Digital Fundraising, Database Management, Development Communications, or Prospect Research Analyst.


Fundraising Mastery Courses

Enroll in our comprehensive courses covering fundraising essentials, donor engagement strategies, and event planning tips, empowering your team with the knowledge to navigate the dynamic landscape of nonprofit fundraising.

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Fancy grabbing a coffee?

 Want more clarity? Reach out, let´s chat and we´ll do everything we can to help you out.

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