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Driving Success

Let's Dream again.


We at Dream Encore are here to serve and support as you lead and meet the needs of others. 



We specialize in helping our clients unleash their potential, make an impact and build legacy.


At Dream Encore, we're on a mission to create a powerful network of leaders, entrepreneurs, and faith-based organizations that consistently operate at their optimal capacity. We do this by providing comprehensive consultation, coaching, and personal development services that empower our clients to overcome obstacles, seize opportunities, and unlock their full potential. We're passionate about helping our clients thrive, grow, and leave a lasting legacy, and we're committed to supporting their journey along the way.

The world needs you.

I met Jessica in the early part of 2013 while planning and preparing our annual New York Call; she volunteered for the first time that year. The New York Call is a large music and outreach festival with attendance of between ten to seventeen thousand attendees annually. Immediately, her no-nonsense organizational skills, leadership abilities, and task-oriented impeccable work ethic propelled her to the position of General Manager of the whole operation for the past six years. Her wisdom, passion, and leadership add value everywhere she goes. Jessica is a world-changer.


The New York Call

(516) 508-3299

55 E Paulding Dr
Ste 122 PMB 1247
Dallas, GA 30157-7192

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